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'Hamlet's Story Must be Told' is the first novel by Dan Jammal.  I have to say, as an accomplished and avid reader, that this novel reads as a well crafted story that welcomes its readers into the loving arms of a trusted friend or loved one.  The story is instantly captivating, and as comfortable as the familiarity one has after reading Hamlet for the umpteenth time.  While this novel appeals to Shakespearian scholars who do know the story of Hamlet inside and out, it will also appeal to the fan of deceit, murder, mystery and intrigue.  This yarn was well structured, and kept the reader's attention through all of the twists and turns throughout.  Do not be intimidated by the company the characters of this story keep, but rather allow yourself to be introduced into the tantalizing and beautiful world that Shakespeare has to offer us.  Do not let your guard down for a moment, this tale will pull at your heart strings and feed your hunger for justice and the desire to understand human nature.

-Jason Daniel Bryant Sr.

As soon as you fall into the rhythm of the opening confessions, you'll be sucked into this novel. It only gets better as you meet up with Horatio and his journey through Shakespeare's London. Moments of brilliance are sprinkled through this narrative, amid a face-paced story.

-Amazon Customer

What would have happened after the story ends? Who knows the truth? Only Horatio, and his life is in danger.

Dan Jammal has taken a new approach to an old favorite, and spun out a tale of what comes after. Many different voices reflect on the events of the play, new evidence comes to light, and a man is sent into danger with precious information he needs to share. A little romance, a little philosophy, a lot of action, murder, and some really delightful turns of phrase. All in all, a good read that expands our thinking about a classic play.

-Nancy Daly

'O God, Horatio, what a wounded name, 

Things standing thus unknown, shall I leave behind me!

If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart,

Absent thee from felicity a while,

And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain

To tell my story.'


~ Hamlet, Act V, Scene II

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Dan Jammal


Boston, Massachusetts

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