William Shakespeare is the author of numerous works of everlasting beauty.  

His inspiring words intoxicate our minds, hearts and souls with their unique representation of the human condition, thus allowing me some 400 years later to honor his creativity 

by telling the further stories that must be told.  


These are the stories of what happens next!

~Now Available~

'Hamlet's Story Must Be Told

~A Novel~

The Sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet

~Now Available~

'A Plague a' Both Your Houses'

~A Novel~

The Sequel to Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

~Changing the literary world~ 

'Hamlet Never Left The Room'

~A Theory ~

A Ground-breaking discovery challenging  the way we view and understand Hamlet's motivation in    Act III of the play.

~Now Available~

'All Hail, Fleance, That Shalt Be King Hereafter!'

~A Novel~

The Sequel to Shakespeare's Macbeth

Cobbe Portrait of William Shakespeare
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